If you have a decent workforce and are still not getting proper growth, then it’s time you seriously consider resource management tools. Without proper resource management, a business can waste a lot of its resources. Using resource management tools, you can seamlessly handle a big workforce and address the issue. 

Resource management is also vital as most project managers handle 2-5 projects at any given time. The best thing is that resource management also aids in project management. Overall, a resource management tool will help you boost productivity and become more efficient in the entire business process. 

However, finding the correct resource management tool is a challenge. With many options available in the market, anyone can get confused. Also, you need to check if the tool is compatible with your current IT tools and infrastructure. Today, we list some of the best resource management tools that will help you boost efficiency and productivity. 

Best Resource Management Tools 2023

1. Float

Float is easily one of the most popular resource management tools available in the market. It is a perfect tool for digital agencies and production teams. The tool has one of the highest up-time stats, around 99.5%, making it highly reliable.

FloatThen it’s 24/7 customer service with an excellent response time that just makes everything better. Apart from all the essential features, you also get integrations with tools including Jira, Asana, Teamwork, Trello, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Slack, etc. So if you are looking for a reliable resource management tool, Float is the one to check out. 

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2. Parallax

Parallax is an excellent resource management tool for digital services companies. Its resource management is optimized for companies looking to aggregate functionality through integrations.

ParallaxYou also get integration options with popular platforms like Hubspot, Slack, Tempo, Salesforce, Jira, Harvest, Microsoft Teams, Asana, and Oracle NetSuite. The platform does not charge extra for any integrations. Their customer support is also one of the best on the list. Overall, it is an excellent tool for any business. 

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3. Monday.com

If you are looking for a resource management tool for simple workload and capacity planning, monday.com is an excellent option. It offers integration with Slack, Google Calendar, Jira, GitHub, Excel, Google Drive, Gmail, Trello, Dropbox, Typeform, etc. 

MondayThe best thing is that it receives frequent updates from the developers, and new features are constantly added to improve it. To give a good resource overview, the tool uses color coding. 

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4. Saviom

If you are looking for a sleek and efficient resource management tool, check out Saviom. The tool is an excellent choice for enterprise businesses. It is a data-driven resource management tool with many nifty features. The graphic reports that you get on this tool are excellent for visual comparison.

One of the best things about the tool is that it integrates well with many project management software. So you can use it with your current workflow without any issues. It offers a significant free trial period, and then you can explore the paid plans per your needs and business size. 

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5. Runn

For people looking for a resource management tool that can do real-time resource management and tracking, Runn is one of the best platforms. You can simply drag and drop to create project phases and allocations, which makes the tool easy to use. Then it also allows you to track projects, and view forecasts, utilization, variance, and overall financial performance.

RunnThe tool comes with all the resource management features, including resource scheduling, project planning, capacity management, project forecasting, timesheets, and reporting. The only downside is that it offers limited integrations. Other than that, it is a powerful tool. 

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6. Elapseit

Elapseit is a very efficient resource management tool. It combines two important aspects of resource management that is task management and resource planning. The best thing is that it is a SaaS platform. Its integration is quite unique in the way that it makes workforce management a lot easier. 

ElapseitIt takes vacations and bank holidays into account. You can also use it to avoid resource over and under-allocation. The interface of the platform is quite clear. It also comes with Android and iOS apps, and you also get prefilled timesheets based on allocations. So you can try it and see how it works. 

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7. Kantata

Kantata is an excellent resource management tool. The reason for that is: it provides all-in-one resource planning for services teams and agencies. Its system of dashboards, live time and expense tracking features, and the great documenting system make resource management seamless. 

KantataThen there are built-in reports, custom reporting and trend analysis, and resource management. So you can try it and see how it works. 

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8. Mosaic

People who have a background in tech will particularly like Mosaic. This is a unique workforce management tool, and its specialty is using AI. The tool allows businesses to gain better insight and visibility into their processes. Using that, businesses can improve their resource allocation and be more efficient. 

MosaicThe tool offers seamless integration with the project and financial management software. It is aimed at enhancing the profitability and productivity of businesses. The visual resource planning tool makes it easy for users to use it efficiently. To make things great, it also offers many integrations. 

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