Sitting in New York, we can’t tell the time in Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Cape Town simultaneously. You might tell the approximate time if you have adequate knowledge of the time zone. Being a Geography lover, I can tell what the time is like in Canada, but it won’t be accurate.

It should be accurate when the time zone is significantly crucial for you to work, host a meeting, or call families and friends globally in different time zones. Therefore, the world clock comes into the picture. A Windows system is a tremendous bonus to using a World Clock app. Thus, we have listed the best world clock apps for Windows to track different time zones.

Best World Clock Apps for Windows 11/10

World clock apps keep everything healthy rather than messing up with time zones when you work in different time zones. The list of the best world clock apps for Windows is quite limited. Still, we manage to curate the best for you and your work.

1. World Clock – Time Zones

world clock time zones

Working from home for an international client means you must be professional regarding time. World Clock is the app you need to install on your system to know the time around the world in a single click.

You can use multiple clocks on display to provide adequate information about different time zones. This app also informs the time difference between the two locations. Moreover, you will get sunrise and sunset information.

Even the app has enough capability to show the basic weather as well. However, World Clock by Time and Dates AS is simple to use and understand because of its clean user interface.

2. Default Windows Clock

Windows have not left any single matter regarding customer needs and wants. You can set many time zones. And it will show the time and date of that time zone. Let’s see how you can use it.

How to Add Multiple Time Zone on Windows?

  1. Follow this path Windows Start button > Setting > Time & language.
  2. Now click on the Additional clocks.additional clock
  3. Choose your time zone and name it on the clock for your convenience.
  4. Click on the apply button, and click on 11 world clock

Now you can see different time zone on your taskbar. Moreover, you can add many clocks.

3. Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock

Sharp World Clock is a powerful world clock app for Windows. Using this app, you can easily track time from other time zones. However, this app is not only. It adds some additional attractive decorations to look different.

Apart from this, it has fully customizable calendar widgets to use. You can change its color of it. Select any clock from many time zones and change its fonts, hands, colors, borders, markers, date window, numerals, country flags, and more accordingly. However, this is one of the best clocks that you can install.

4. World Clock Portable

World Clock Portable

Do you want to know the time of Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires on your Windows system? Then you can download and install the World Clock Portable. It works on a cloud folder and external drive. Therefore, you use it without installing it on your system.

Using this portable world clock, you can select 8 different clocks at a time. A solar terminator and flags will be shown to each clock for your understanding and visual appearance. Moreover, it is very simple to use and easy to understand. Note it requires an internet connection.

5. World Clock by Addgagdet

Be it a world clock or anything else. Everyone wants to see satisfactory necessary information at a glance in front of them on the monitor. If you are one of them, try out this World Clock widget by Addgagdet to see the date and time of different time zones. Even I use a customizable date and calendar widget.

Just download the zip file of the widget and install it. Now create a beautiful desktop widget. Besides clocks, you can also install CPU, GPU, and currency widgets. Above all, you can use it to set many time zones in front of you.

Final Words

These are the best world clock apps for Windows to learn the time of other places. We also mention some of the best apps and widgets for learning the time of other countries. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


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