Hi guys, welcome back once again. Today, we will talk about some of the best and top-rated video calling applications that are available for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc which everyone uses nowadays. It is because, over the past years, the technology around us has evolved a lot.

Those days have been gone when text messages and calls were prioritized for communication between two people. And these days, people are making video calls. However, what if you want to make a video call from PC to PC? then, for doing this kind of stuff, you have to download a video calling application for your Windows PC.

Best Free Video Call Applications for Windows 11/10 PC

There are plenty of video calling applications available for Windows PC that makes video calling easy.

So let’s check out the best free video chat software for Windows PC. These video call software can easily let you make video calls for free. So have a look at all these apps below.

1. Skype


As you all know, Skype is one of the best online video-calling apps famous worldwide. The reason why this app is so popular is that it has a fantastic set of features and functions available to its users.

Such video calling features help users to carry on their video calls smoothly. And I think this is the essential thing that video calling apps should have.


2. Facebook Video Chat

Facebook Video Chat

As you all know that Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks. It is also not compromising the functionality of video calling and video chat features. Hence through this service, Facebook video chat is a relatively new edition to Facebook. This is why you might or might not see the video camera icon at the top of each chat window.


3. WhatsApp


Well, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, WhatsApp also has an application for Windows devices used by all of its users. Apart from traditional audio and video calls, WhatsApp also allows exchanging of media and document files easily.


4. Viber


Just like Facebook, Viber is also one kind of social media network. With Viber, you can video call with an individual or a group. It is available for almost every major platform and hence could be used possibly on every device. Viber also offers interactive stickers, which make the chatting process wholesome and fun.


5. WeChat


WeChat is again one of the best video calling apps, and this top-rated app among people who are using social media platforms like Android, and iOS devices. The best feature of this app is that it is also available for the Windows operating system. WeChat allows its users not only to make video calls; you can also share files through the app.


6. Line


Line social media network is popular for text messaging. But to compete with its rivals, it has added up the functionality of video calling and video chatting. As a result, line video chatting is an excellent service for end users like us. The app is available for free on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


7. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is a popular web-based video calling software for Windows PC, introduced as a part of the popular Google Hangouts social media platform. Google Hangouts allows conversation between two or more users. The service can be accessed online through Gmail or Google+ websites.


8. Nimbuzz


Nimbuzz is a popular app available for Blackberry, iOS, Android, Nokia, and Kindle. However, Nimbuzz also offers HD video calling from your computer, and you can do this activity free of cost. With the Windows app, you can join chat rooms, send stickers, make audio or video calls, etc.


9. IMO Messenger

IMO Messenger

IMO is again a major app that is available for most platforms. Hence it can be used on any device to benefit from making free video calls with your friends. Moreover, it comes with easy to use interface. IMO is available for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems; you can enjoy audio calls as well as video calls.


10. Tango


Messaging and calling platforms made us enjoy the services using any platform as this is available for most platforms. Therefore, you can easily enjoy both of its functions of the same app as message, chat, and video chat with your friends and relatives. And for this service, you need to register yourself, which is entirely free.


11. ooVoo


ooVoo is just another very popular video calling app for PC users. Its exceptional video quality coverage and a bunch of other features make it suitable for the purpose.

Around 12 people can join together in a group video conference and take advantage of higher-quality video calling. So, now spend quality time with friends and family even being far away from them.

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12. TokBox


TokBox is a web-based video calling application. If you are new to it, you can sign up for free or login into your account and start quick video calls. Using its extensions, you can further connect with your Facebook friends well. Moreover, it can also be used for hosting webinars where interested people can subscribe to your streams to join you.

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13. Discord

discord app

Did you ever try video calling on Discord? It’s another chatroom and discussion-based app that is used by millions of people worldwide. Using the app, you can make video calls to more than 25 people at a time. And when you stream a video game, it can allow to join 50 people to watch. However, you can try out its quality video calling service in Windows.

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14. Zoom

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Zoom is one of the best and doesn’t require any intro, whether you want to call one to one or host a large group meeting, Zoom is always ahead of any other video calling service. It’s known for workplace video meetings. Other than that, other useful features will provide a sleek video-calling experience.

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15. Zalo Desktop

If you are looking for a lightweight and handy video-calling app for Windows, then look no further than Zalo Desktop. With it, you can make free voice calls including quality video calls. Other than that, you can send a snap message quickly. Apart from that, it has a high level of security for user privacy.

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From Editor’s Desk

So this brings us to the end of our list. These Windows video calling apps will help you to connect with your friends and family members. Which video-calling app do you use on your device? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, bookmark us for more exciting articles.


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