In an interview with Fast Company, an American business magazine, Bill Gates blamed social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, etc spreading the misinformation about Coronavirus during these hard times. This was because he was drawn into many conspiracy theories after he predicted pandemics like this back in 2015!

Why Bill Gates Blames Social Media?

It all started when the Microsoft founder, Bill Gates has made a TED Talk back in 2015, where he talked about global pandemics like the one we’re having now. While it was taken as a simple precaution then, people starting suspecting Bill’s involvement in the current crisis due to his accurate prediction! Moreover, Bill’s heavy investments in the development of a vaccine have even strengthened the public’s doubt.

Bill Gates on COVID-19
Bill Gates on COVID-19

His name was included in numerous conspiracy theories, and some polls even declared that US people believe Bill to be somehow involved in COVID-19 breakout. These alleged the Microsoft founder to be a cause for the pandemic! This led Bill to vex up and blame social platforms for not stopping, or even supporting as an active medium for such conspiracy theories.

In an interview with the Fast Company, an American business magazine, Bill Gates said,

Can social media companies be more helpful on these issues? What creativity do we have? Sadly, the digital tools probably have been a net contributor to spreading what I consider crazy ideas.”

Several crazy ideas are flourishing in social media, including encouraging people to not wear masks and conspiracy theories about vaccines for the Coronavirus. Bill Gates defined the spread of such conspiracies is scary and wanted people to be driven towards the facts in this crisis.

In one interview with CCTV in April, he admitted that this crazy situation we’re in would bring crazy rumors, thus “best resources, including experts, vaccine developers and drugs are necessary to stop the current global pandemic.” He stated the vaccine should be made focusing on not just one country, but for “other nations that don’t have the resources to pay for vaccine research or vaccine factories.”



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