Brave is an awesome browser. Today, it extended its awesomeness to a next level by adding the Wayback machine platform to its browser. Wayback Machine is a digital archive of web pages around the internet. It saves snapshots of webpages at certain times and stores it to be viewed by anyone later.

Brave boasts about its disabling features, that blocks ads, scripts and trackers. This may give you peace of mind as you’ll not be followed with ads anywhere you go on the internet. Aside from this, it’s now adding another feature which most of won’t know – the Wayback machine powered by Internet Archive.

Brave Browser Adds Wayback Machine to Let Users Check Deleted Webpages
Brave Browser Adds Wayback Machine to Let Users Check Deleted Webpages

Check any website that’s pulled off now is a platform maintained by a non-profit organization, where it snaps and stores the webpages at periodic times. This lets any user refer to those anytime by visiting the website. This page is now added as a feature for Brave browser (web version only) and will be seen whenever a page visited is disabled due to an error.

A deleted webpage from Whitehouse website.

Brave’s new version 1.4 will have this feature and could be found as Check for saved version whenever a user visits a website that returns 404 not found or HTTPS errors. Further, Brave, about this feature’s integration said, will utilize the Wayback Machine integration for 14 other HTTP error codes which will be displayed when a web server undergoes maintenance or having an issue. These other error codes are This , 410, 451, 500, 502, 503, 504, 509, 520, 521, 523, 524, 525, and 526.

You can directly visit the and request for deletion of records if you wanted. Similarly, one can take a snapshot of the current webpage to be stored for later.


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