Brave browser’s native search engine, Brave Search, has processed over 2.5 billion queries in the first year of its launch, the Brave team revealed today.

With this milestone, Brave Search is coming out of the beta phase and will set a default search engine in all the Brave browsers worldwide. Brave attributed this success to the extensive usage by the community, which is said to be 4x greater growth than DuckDuckGo.

Brave Search’s Record Growth

What started as an experiment is now a massive success within its first year of testing! Brave’s in-house developed search engine – Brave Search, had clocked a growth of 5000% since June 2021, when it first started.

The service started by processing around 8 million queries in June 2021 and grew to over 411 million queries by the end of May 2022. Brave Search processed more than 2.5 billion queries in its first year.

Brave attributed this success to the wide community it has and also the independent search index it has. Brave said about 92% of users’ queries came from its independent search index rather than Bing and Google indexes.

Thus, Brave is launching its Search to more people globally by exiting the beta phase and setting it as the default search engine in its Brave browser. Also, it started testing the Goggles feature with interested users who wanted to have curated results.

For example, users who want to see information from less popular domains can turn on Goggles and avoid receiving results from top sites. Though this poses a risk of disinformation, it helps users find information that otherwise is available after many pages or not.

Further, Brave is also preparing to test Discussions – a feature that draws results from social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Facebook to include in the overall search results.


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