Old Macbook users thinking of updating to the latest Monterey OS, beware. An unofficial bug is bricking the MacBooks in the process and causing serious issues to users.

As per reports, MacBooks running Intel chips are facing the issue, and updating to firmware solves the case. But, the process needs another MacBook with updated firmware, which may not be available to all users.

Macbooks Turning Dead With an Update

While it’s usual for Windows users to experience harsh consequences after a new update, macOS users are less prone to such. But, they’re still aware of breakdown issues, after experiencing one with the BigSur update last year.

Now, MacBooks with Intel chips having T2 Security Chip are facing similar issues. Several users have complained about dead MacBooks after updating to the latest Monterey OS released on October 25th. The issue affects MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac, while the Macs using Apple’s M1 chip are safe.

macOS Monterey update bricked my 2019 Macbook Pro with touchbar from macbook

This problem is so cruel that, some report the update messing up with their ports, thus not able to turn on the notebooks after draining the battery. While Apple is yet to address this issue officially, one user solved this problem by updating to the latest firmware.

But, there’s a catch here. This process requires using another MacBook, with an updated OS. If you’re not confident enough to deal with it by yourself, take it to the nearest Apple store and have experts do it. But if you’re up for a self-challenge, run the Apple Configurator 2 to update the firmware on the bricked Intel-based Mac with T2 Security Chip.

Since most people may not have a second Mac in reach, it’s termed as the disgusting problem now. But if you’re lucky enough to have one and try so, make sure you backup the data beforehand, as it may wipe out the internal flash storage in the process.


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