Discord is one of the most used platforms for gamers. Gamers form a community on the platform and can connect through voice chat, video chat, and text messages. Discord works like any other social media, which means you can add friends and block people. 

You can block people on Discord, or someone may block you on Discord. It is difficult to figure out whether someone blocked you on Discord or not. If you want to know whether someone blocked you on Discord, this article will help you. 

Ways to Check if you Have Been Blocked on Discord

There are several ways to confirm whether you have been blocked on Discord or not and they are discussed below-

1. See your Friend List

The very first thing that you should do is check your friend list. If you have been blocked by your friends, you won’t be able to find them on the friend list. If you cannot find your friend on the friend list, that may mean you have been blocked. 

However, when you have been unfriended by the person, you may also be unable to find them on your friend list. Not being able to find the person doesn’t always mean you have been blocked. You will have to confirm that through other methods in this article.

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2. Try Sending a Friend Request

If you cannot find the person in your friend list, try sending them a friend request. If you can send them a friend request, then they have unfriended you and not blocked you.

Friend Request Failed on discordHowever, if you get an error message ‘Friend Request Failed’ even if you have entered the person’s correct name, then that means they have blocked you.

3. Check User Info

Another method to check whether you have been blocked is checking the person’s user info. You can head to the person’s profile and see if their Bio is visible. If you do not see the bio of the person, then you for sure have been blocked by them. 

4. React to User Message

By reacting to their previous message, you can also check whether you have been blocked by someone on Discord or not. Open the chat inbox and try reacting to any old message that they have sent you.

If you can react to their message, you haven’t been blocked. However, if Discord doesn’t allow you to react to their message, then the user has blocked you.

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5. Send a Message

If you are still unsure whether you are blocked on Discord, even after being unable to react to their previous message, try sending them a message.

Send a MessageJust like every other social media out there, Discord does not allow users to send messages to those who have blocked them.

If you are not able to send them the message, then that means you have been blocked by them. You aren’t blocked if the message is sent and delivered to them.

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Final Words

These were the best ways to check if someone blocked you on Discord. It may be confusing whether you are really blocked or just unfriended by the person. However, if you want to be sure whether you have been blocked or not, you can follow the steps in the article above. 


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