A Bloomberg report on Sunday stated that China’s Baidu is developing its own version of ChatGPT.

People familiar with the matter said the new technology could be launched in March this year and may possibly be integrated into Baidu’s search services to offer a better browsing experience.

Chinese ChatGPT in Making

Just a couple of months after the launch, ChatGPT is already making waves in the technology industry. The new-age chatbot is answering tricky questions, coding and finding bugs, passing exams, and even offering life advice to people.

After all, it’s trained over vast datasets from the web and later refined by humans to make it more reliable and relevant. As it is deemed to be the next big thing, Chinese search engine giant – Baidu is working on a native version of ChatGPT – reported Bloomberg.

People familiar with the matter told the news outlet that Baidu’s version of ChatGPT – yet to be named, could come sometime in March this year. And when launched, it could possibly be integrated into Baidu’s main search services for better support or browsing experience.

Though it’s capable of replacing some of the low-level jobs one day, some assurance that it won’t be as impactful as feared. People who may be replaced by ChatGPT’s intelligence may be forced to find other creative jobs or even assist the AI for good.

Understanding the potential of how lucrative this industry could be, Microsoft recently announced pumping $10 billion into OpenAI, hoping to get its hands on the futuristic chatbot and better its services.

Google’s parent company Alphabet is making similar investments in developing a competitive chatbot that can possibly be embedded into its search engine for a better experience. And with China’s Baidu doing the same, the future of this new industry is an interesting space to watch out for.


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