Citra, the popular emulator for Nintendo 3DS games has now unveiled its support for Android! The maker has released an official Android app for letting you play Nintendo 3DS games on Android phones. This was done with the help of the previous developer who released the first iteration of the Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android. While this is free to play, you should meet the minimum phone requirements and have game files to play.

To Android, After a Long Time

Since long, Citra has been focusing on emulating Nintendo games in computers only. Though fans have enjoyed it, many have been asking the makers to introduce an Android support too. The core demand is something they should be playing with a portable device. As the official Nintendo console is pricy to get, a Citra like emulator in Android is simple and doesn’t come for an extra cost.

Citra Released an Android Emulator for Nintendo 3DS Games
Citra Released an Android Emulator for Nintendo 3DS Games

So here it is, Citra’s official Android app to emulate Nintendo 3DS games, released on Playstore for free. But, the app and game requirements as defined by Citra are at least a smartphone with Snapdragon 835 SoC!

Further, it should be running at least 64-bit Android 8 (Oreo) and support OpenGL ES 3.2. So if your phone is capable of those requirements, jump in and play. And yeah, you should have the game files stored in your device too, so get some from Citra’s library or your Nintendo membership.

While this is free to use, you can still get a premium version of Citra for enabling Dark Mode and enhanced visuals of games. This is done by applying filters to textures like ScaleForce, Anime 4K Ultra-Fast, Bicubic, and xBRZ Freescale. This costs you $4.99 and can use Google Play Balance if having.

Since it’s the first version, you may find some bugs here and there. And if noticed, report to Citra on its Discord Server or its Official Forum.

Get the app here: Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android 

Source: Citra


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