Clubhouse, a voice-based social media app that resounding in the tech community lately is about to have its Android app soon. The company founders announced that they received fresh funding, which will be used to develop their infrastructure, including the Android app and creating a program to incentivise content creators.

Clubhouse is Getting Android App Soon

The idea of Clubhouse seems more of a random than an actual social media. The voice-only platform is currently available only to those having the invites and in iOS only. And this made the service even more interesting. It has grown so big that, it’s valued more than $100 million with just 1,500 users.

Now, it has received a new round of funding led by Andrew Chen, Clubhouse’s partner. This was announced by the company in a blog post, and said the new funds will be used to introduce new products, including an Android app to bring the unique service to a wider audience.”

Also, it plans to “add more accessibility and localization features so that people all over the world can experience Clubhouse in a way that feels native to them.” The company also plans to spend them on offering faster support to users and improve ranking and discovery.

Besides the Android app development, what’s more interesting is the plans for forming a new Creator Grant Program. Under this, Clubhouse offers grants to the content creators to support them, who are the platform’s future.

After all, the app not only lets invited people chat in the random topic rooms but also gives chances to listen to popular personalities talking and sometimes, talk to them! It’s good that Clubhouse is cashing on its “random” popularity, and introducing an Android app yields more of that.


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