The audio-only chat room sensation, Clubhouse is seen testing a new Game room support in its app.

Spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi, there are no clear details on this feature yet. The screenshot shared shows only the addition of a new Games section alongside the other options on the room starting board. Clubhouse testing interactive features like such is needed, as the platform is no longer hyped by people who earlier did.

Clubhouse New Games Section

Just when everyone was turning to online platforms for fun and work amidst the COVID-19 breakout, a platform called Clubhouse rose to extreme popularity. And this is because of its concept – audio-only chat rooms!

Though it seemed nothing more than an audio conference call, Clubhouse laid rules and guided how people can actually make this process interesting. The appointment of speakers, hosts, and tools for scheduling and coordinating throughout the chat made it famous.

Since then, the platform has added support for receiving donations, texting, etc. And now, it’s testing a dedicated Games section. As per a screenshot shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, the new option is seen among the other options in Start a room with pallette.

What’s inside it and to whom this support is currently available is unknown. But we expect some petty games that are playable by groups to have an interactive session somehow. It should be noted that Clubhouse is only being used aggressively by business people and activists currently for reaching their followers and clearing their doubts.

So inducing features like Games will lure more people to the platform and stick for hours if the session goes interactively. We shall wait to see what Clubhouse brings to the table.


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