In the movement that’s gaining momentum, Coca-Cola joined the list of companies that would pause ad spending on Facebook for a month. With the tag of #StopHateForProfit, the campaign led by ADL, NAACP, and others is asking every big corp is to take a break from aiding Facebook and Instagram by serving their product ads on them.

Coca-Cola Joins the List

Coca-Cola’s entrance announcement today is a big thing. Besides it, many reputed companies like Verizon, Hershey’s, Unilever has also previously announced that they would be pausing ads on Facebook and Instagram for the entire month of July. This is to show the solidarity of corporates going against Facebook’s decision of serving Trump’s offensive posts.

Coca-Cola to Pause Ad Spending on All Social Media Platforms in July
Image Via PixaBay

While platforms like Twitter were labeling few tweets of Donald Trump’s as against their policies and provoke danger, Facebook, on the other hand, justifies the same with a debacle response, igniting few internal employees and many others to go against Facebook. And to make the company learn a lesson, Anti Defamation League, NAACP, etc are making a campaign called “Stop Hate For Profit”.

Under this, activists are calling all companies to pause their ad spending on Facebook and its related platforms to let it know the money earned shouldn’t be used for promoting hate and violence. Supporting this, Coca-Cola’s CEO and Chairman, James Quincey announced in a company’s press release that,

“There is no place for racism in the world and there is no place for racism on social media. The Coca-Cola Company will pause paid advertising on all social media platforms globally for at least 30 days.”

Further, the company said it will be taking this time to “reassess its advertising policies to determine whether revisions are needed. We also expect greater accountability and transparency from our social media partners.” This statement defines pausing advertising on not just Facebook and Instagram, but also on other platforms like Twitter, YouTube, etc.


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