After years of wait, the Crash Bandicoot is now coming to Android and iOS. This was made by King, the one who developed Candy Crush and presumably put some of it gelly type animations in the new game also. The game is not available for download yet but can be pre-registered for notification and a reward. This runner game gives an opportunity to play with friends also.

Crash Bandicoot Comes to Android and iOS

Crash Bandicoot may seem like a simple Temple Run or Subway Surfers, but it’s a lot more than that. The story evolved with Dr Neo Cortex and his sidekicks trying to capture the multiverse, and you as a protagonist have to stop that pursuit. You’re a Hyena (Crash) running endlessly with self-crafted weapons to thwart all your obstacles.

It’s has been PlayStation exclusive for many years, and now King brings to iOS and Android versions. Though it seemed all set to play, makers have just listed the game in app stores and didn’t readily available for download. Thus, interested players can pre-register for the game either in Playstore/Appstore or in the game’s website. You’d be getting be a free in-game reward upon pre-registering and useable later in the game. For me, it shows a free blue skin for my character!

Taking more about the game, it’s so colourful and has several locations like Lost City, Temple Ruin, Wumpa Island and Turtle Woods. Players can collect things in between and use them for crafting a weapon for self-protection in the game. Further, the promo clip also shows the availability of playing with friends also! While the multiplayer option isn’t explained yet, it opens gates for a lot of fun and makes it stand apart from Temple Run or Subway Surfers.

Try it here: Crash Bandicoot 


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