Digital Point, a forum and a marketplace for webmasters had their complete database leaked. As reported by the WebsitePlanet team and an independent researcher, more than 62 million records belonging to 863,412 users of Digital Point were leaked due to an open ElasticSearch database. This was informed to Digital Point and removed immediately.

Digital Point Exposed Data of All Its Members

Digital Point was once a popular site for webmasters like SEO professionals and website managers. Though the site claims to be a platform for every profession, it’s often used by internet-product dealers. It has eventually lost its charm for not upgrading from static designs and features. And now, a report reveals that its database was leaked online!

Digital Point Forum
Digital Point Forum

As per the WebsitePlanet team and a security researcher named Jeremiah Fowler, a database containing 62,858,144 records of 863,412 users was leaked online. This was discovered by an ElasticSearch, since the database was left online without any password set, thus making it openly available for anyone to locate, edit and even delete it.

Researchers said they had found this database on July 1st, and reported to the Digital Point team to the same day. The team was active enough to be revoking access to that database without hours of reporting.

Yet, the database was exposed online for any possible cyberattack. Researchers say the details like User emails, names, internal user ID numbers, Internal records, and user posts were in the database.

These could potentially let fraudsters to hijack domains by impersonating the actual domain owners or simply spam them. This was fortunately discovered before the ridiculous Meow attack was active, which has wiped out any open database it found online in mid-July. Though the database is now secured, changing the credentials of you’re a user of Digital Point is advised.


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