Discord Mic not working? Or Discord not Picking up Mic? Most of us are facing this problem. This glitch makes you hear what your other mates are talking about, but they cannot listen to your voice. Because Discord is not picking up the Mic, that’s why your voice is unreachable to others. Discord is one of the best and famous voice chatting apps among gamers. The problem is sure irritating and mind-boggling. But don’t worry as we are here to fix it for you.

If you are not familiar with Discord, then let me tell you some information about Discord. On this platform, you can create your channel or join existing channels; that is your choice. In addition, you can choose a specific topic and communicate on that topic with other discord members.

List of Best Ways to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Issue

Let’s talk about the problem; nowadays, people are very frustrated with this discord platform because of this Mic, not working problem. For example, one day, I was playing a game with a friend, and suddenly in the middle of the game, my Mic had stopped working, which is so irritating that I am writing this article because most of you are facing this problem.

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Method 1: Logout or Restart Discord Application

It is the simplest way of fixing any problem with modern computers. For example, if your Discord is not picking up a mic, you can log out or restart the application. After that, your Mic will start working correctly for sure.

It happens because your computer sometimes fails to load all the drivers at once. If all the drivers are not working correctly, then your Mic might work. So a simple restart can solve this problem. But this is not a permanent solution. You can do this temporarily.

Sometimes caches are the reason behind this issue, so when you log out of the application or restart the application, the system deletes your temporary caches files. Below we will give you some steps that will help you temporarily. Like you are playing a game and Mic stopped working at that time, you can use these steps.

#1.) Discord Mic Fix for For Window User

If you’re a Windows user, follow these steps to fix the Mic not working problem in Discord. This method will work in Windows 7, 8, and 10 upwards.

#1. To log out, the discord application, go to “user setting,” which you will see a bottom-left corner on the discord application. Just click on it.

#2. Once you click on “user setting,” select the “log out” option.

#3. After a successful log out, log in again and see yours is your Mic working or not.

#2.) Discord Mic Fix for For Smartphone Users

Discord is also available for smartphone users. If you’re one of them, then follow these simple methods to troubleshoot your mic problem.

#1. Firstly go to the phone setting then the app manager.

#2. Find the discord application, click on it.

#3. Now you need to clean the cache and data.

#4. Once you have done the third step, go to the discord app and log in with your account and check your Mic is working or not.

Note: Make sure the Discord application has proper permission of Audio, i.e., Microphone and Speaker. Sometimes people don’t give the permission of Mic and speaker and then wonder why it’s not working!

Method 2: Update Audio Drives

The issue which we are facing right now might be an old or missing audio drive which we need to update. This method should work if the simple restart method is not working.

After the update, your Mic will start working correctly and this method is a permanent solution to your problem. So don’t worry about it. You can easily deal with this problem after reading this article. So we have two options or ways for solving this issue, one is manually and another one is automatic. We will discuss both.

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#1.) Manually Update Audio Drive

If you want to update your audio driver manually, go to the browser and visit the manufacturer’s website. Once you land on the website, search your audio driver to make sure you download the latest one and be compatible with your system.

#2.) Automatically Update the Audio Driver

Doing manually is a little complicated, or if you don’t have time to do it manually, this way is much better than that. You need to download the “Driver Easy” software.

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This software will automatically recognize your system and find the latest and compatible drivers for your computer. After finding the correct drive, it will automatically download and install it in your system. So let’s check how this software works. We provide step-by-step guidance below.

#1. Click on the link and download the “Driver Easy” software.

#2. After download, install it and run the software.

#3. Now click on scan, “Driver Easy” will scan your computer and detect all the drivers who are not working properly.

#4. Now click on the update button placed just near the flagged audio driver to automatically download and install the driver.

Note: You can also click on the “updates all” button to download and install the latest versions of drivers that your system needs to update. (You can also switch to the pro version of this software which gives you lots of features like customer support and 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their drives.)

Method 3: Run as Administrator

The first two methods are very useful, but this method is just for quick access. Sometimes that type of issue only comes when the application is not running correctly. In simple words, whenever we run an application, some of the files from the application wouldn’t be able to perform. That’s why that type of problem comes. So let’s see how it works.

#1. Firstly, you need to close the Discord Application and go to the desktop.

#2. Right-click on the “Discord” application icon and click on the “Run as Administrator” option.

#3. Click on yes when the pop-up option comes and ask for administrator confirmation.

That’s it. Now check if your Mic starts working or not. If your Mic still not working, then you must try the second method.


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