A day after firing against Apple and its anti-competitive policies, Elon Musk sought this matter directly with the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, on Wednesday.

Musk posted a video of him visiting Apple Park at its headquarters and later added that he solved the issues directly with Tim Cook regarding the potential removal of the Twitter app from the App Store. This is a major de-escalation in the accusation storm Musk sought against Twitter in recent times.

Twitter Will Stay in App Store

If you’re following the Musk-Twitter saga, you should’ve known the chaos he’s creating since his acquisition. From revamping the Blue subscription to firing staff and reinstating controversial accounts, Twitter had it all in the past few weeks.

And lately, it was the fear of Musk that the Twitter app may be ditched from Apple’s App Store. The new CEO has repeatedly accused Apple and its policies of booting an app from its Store, calling them against free speech.

At one point, he was even ready to make his own smartphone if Google and Apple ditched his app from their respective app stores. Well, this all started when he reinstated some controversial accounts on Twitter and even disabled the moderation policies, leading to potential misinformation.

As this is against the App Store policies, there are rumors of Apple ditching the Twitter app soon. But, Musk sought this matter directly with Apple CEO Tim Cook on visiting the Apple campus on Wednesday. He posted a video of the reflecting pool at Apple park while also saying that he had a good conversation with Cook.

He earlier enlightened his followers that Apple secretly takes 30% on every transaction made through its App Store and even tagged Tim Cook in a tweet asking him about the potential suspension of the Twitter app.


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