Even before the main app, Facebook’s Lite version received a much-needed feature – Dark Mode. Today, as Android Police reported, some users have noticed the new option under Settings, the Dark Mode. And when toggled on, it turns all the standard pages to a dark background, letting users take less strain for their eyes.

A needed one!

Dark Mode is seen as an essential feature in recent days. As every user is upgrading their lives to smart, they all are search for effective features which make them take less stress and work more. And the Dark Mode is one such expectation. Eventually, every OEM and app developer is pushing new updates with this feature to satisfy their community.

Facebook Lite Gets Dark Mode
Facebook Lite Gets Dark Mode

Here, the Facebook Lite was a stripped-down version of Facebook’s main app, which has similar features but with low graphics and app size. Yet, it was downloaded over a billion times from Playstore and is loved due to its compatibility. The app’s now found to receive an important feature – Dark Mode. It’s interesting that Facebook’s main app hasn’t got this critical feature yet.

Dark Mode in Facebook Lite. Source: Android Police

The Dark Mode, which can be found under Settings in the Menu options, would let the user set enable/disable according to their preferences. The simple toggle switch lets you do this. And when enabled, it turns the app background to the greyish theme, which is better than other apps’ dark modes. This feature was first touted to be coming in January this year, though late, it’s here finally.

The Catch!

It’s said that only a few users of Facebook Lite seemed to experience this new feature. The Dark Mode feature is available in the app’s update of version 186. Though few have started seeing it from version 181. Yet, there are few who haven’t found the feature yet. May future stable updates could bring this. And if you’re a Lite user, update and checkout.


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