In pursuit of offering an integrated experience, Facebook is trying to mix all three of its major platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. While we’ve seen few common features in all of these, Facebook has already linked them via Rooms. Now, reports tell that WhatsApp may play Instagram Reels in its future update.

Instagram Reels in WhatsApp

As Facebook already has the three major social platforms in its pocket, it is now no wonder the company is now trying to integrate them for a better experience. This offers seamless switching between these platforms, viz WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

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While we may have different friends circles on all these three platforms, sharing the common stuff can benefit both the users and the company. Facebook has tried this by directly linking the Rooms – Facebook’s alternative for Zoom. Facebook Rooms is available on Facebook and Instagram and lets even the non-users join rooms if invited.

Facebook is trying to make a similar link between Instagram and WhatsApp, as reported by WaBetaInfo. This is to play Instagram Reels in WhatsApp, possibly increasing the user engagement period. This could help, as WhatsApp now is nothing but a chat app. As adding status has an increased engagement time, integrating Instagram Reels can elevate more.

Also, there are chances that Instagram Reels could be monetized with ads like the Stories. And if they did share them on both WhatsApp and Instagram, they can add more revenue to Facebook and fulfill advertising on WhatsApp without disturbing the users’ privacy. Besides this, WaBetaInfo has also clarified that multi-device support for WhatsApp will be coming later this year.


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