Facebook, as announced in its F8 conference last year, has now come up with an improved design and features for its web version. The new Facebook.com will now have a dark mode, easier navigations, and quick previews for viewing any groups of pages you create. These improvements are intended to make the web version equally appealing to the mobile version.

Facebook starts saying that its desktop site has fallen interested while the company is focusing much on the mobile version. And to bring that back on track, it has now furnished the site with few improvements to simplify and make it faster. And the new features as below;

Facebook Redesigned To Be Faster, Simpler and Has Dark Mode Now
Facebook Redesigned To Be Faster, Simpler and Has Dark Mode Now

Easy Management Groups, Pages and Events

Now, creating new pages, groups, events, or ads on Facebook are made easier with quick tools and previews. The admin (maker) can have a preview of their page/event etc in real-time even before done creating. This helps in realizing how it appears once published.

Searching Things Faster

Well, desktop sites do take time for loading completely as they’re huge. But, Facebook is trying to make it as faster as its mobile site! Now, you can find groups, games, videos, etc faster, as pages transitions load faster. This optimization is much needed to make the user interested in the desktop version.

Dark Mode

Facebook adds the Dark Mode option to let you view the screen without much glare in the low light environment. To active this, browse through options at the top right corner and the Dark Mode in the drop-down menu. Alongside this, it has also made immersive layouts for viewing videos, letting users comfortably spend time on Facebook Watch.

Source: Facebook Newsroom


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