Facebook’s doing much better favour for parents by allowing them to snoop over their kid’s chats. In its recent report, Facebook has updated its Messenger Kids app with new features (helpful for parents) and the privacy policy. New features let parents have even more control over their child’s activity in messenger and may change settings on behalf of their children!

The social media giant has faced enough heat from authorities in the past years. Yet, it firmly does its work and continues to impress the community anyway. The new update to Messenger Kids, a kid version of general messenger, will now allow parents to have more control over their kid’s activity.

Facebook Parental Control
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New Features and Updated Policies

From the Shortcut Menu of Facebook, parents can access the new dashboard filled with features as follows:

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Device logout

Parents can now see what all devices their child has logged in and can even log out from them remotely.

Chat History and Contacts

Parents can now see with whom their kid is chatting with, and even the type of it – Texting or Video call. Further, they can see all the contacts in their kids’ messenger and can even block anyone if found inappropriate.

History of Blocked/Unblocked Contacts

Similarly, parents can see their kids activity of blocking/unblocking someone in recent. And if the reported/blocked someone, parents will be notified as so.

Images in Chats

Parents can even see the images/videos that are being sent/received in their kids conversation. Further, if anything seemed inappropriate, can delete and report.

Information Download

After all, just like our Facebook data, we can even request the kids messenger data in a file which is downloadable. This request will be notified to kids right away.

Facebook Updates Messenger Kids to Give Parents More Control Over Their Kids
Image Credits – Facebook

Facebook has also developed itself about informing the kid about how they’re being tracked. According to their ages, the firm will educate the kids about what information if theirs can be seen.

Facebook Updates Messenger Kids to Give Parents More Control Over Their Kids
Image Credits – Facebook

Aside from these changes, Facebook has even updated the privacy policy of this messenger too. It strongly says that data collected from Messenger Kids or general Messenger will not be sold to any third party, and the Messenger Kids data will not be used for advertising or in-app purchases.

Source: Facebook


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