FBI has yesterday seized a domain of a fraudulent service that can potentially let anyone breach into someone’s online account by obtaining their credentials on subscription. WeLeakInfo is a typical search engine that let users browse through stolen data of 12 billion indexed records from 10,000 breaches across the world. FBI seizure notice was on display of the website’s home page and are searching for its owners to convict.

Data breached from several hacks are sold mostly in the dark web for money. It’s because to hide from authorities as the service is illegal. Yet, there’s a platform that’s selling such stolen records for clean subscriptions, straight away! WeLeakInfo was touted to be used by few but seems effective. The website was creatively crafted as a service, offering data by the subscription-based model.

Formal Indexing And Subscription Crafting

FBI Seized WeLeakInfo.com Domain For Illegally Selling Breached DataHere, users can opt for either of their plans varying by validity. A Trail plan of 24hours for $2, Simple plan as one week for $7, Pro plan as one month for $25 and a 3-month Elite plan for $70. All these give the subscriber unlimited search queries, advanced features and 24/7 support! See how officially they’re doing this. They procure the data which was breached from several hacks and index the whole database on several characteristics, which will help the user to surf through data easily.

Services as HaveIbeenPwned, which uses the same model of grouping and maintaining breached data is appreciated, as the platform enlightens anyone about their compromised credentials across the web just by checking with their email address. On the other hand, WeLeakInfo was seized due to public disclosure of sensitive records for money.

On January 16th this year, Department of Justice (U.S) announced that it has seized the WeLeakInfo domain in association with FBI, UK NCA, Netherlands National Police Corps, German Bundeskriminalamt, and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. At first, a tweet from the owners of WeLeakInfo seemed even they had confused about what was really happening, as FBI was taking their domain control and eventually seized it.

As of now, the DoJ is searching for its owners to convict of such illegal activities and has encouraged the public to provide them with any known information through its Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) website.


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