Microsoft may have listened to its Windows community, as it’s seen introducing new support for making File Explorer tabs in Windows 11.

This was discovered by an engineer who forcibly turned it on in the evaluation builds of Windows 11 Pro. This feature isn’t yet available in the Dev channel too, so Microsoft may or may not bring it to light.

File Explorer Tabs in Windows 11

Microsoft has set up Feedback Hub in order to know what the community wants. And if you can surf through, the most requested feature in there is the File Explorer tabs with over 3,200 votes. The next one is about a layout change with just 51 votes, showing us how desperately the community wants the first one.

And Microsoft seems to have listened to this, as it introduced support for creating tabs in File Explorer of Windows 11. This was revealed by Rafael Rivera, who turned on this feature in his Windows 11 Pro Evaluation Copy build number 22572,  release 220304-1536.

In the screenshots he shared, the new File Explorer has multiple tabs of the app, letting users open several sections at once. This feature isn’t yet available in the Dev channel of Windows Insider too, yet. So expect very thin chances of making this feature alive till the end of testing.

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Microsoft in past came up with a similar feature called Sets, which allowed users to put apps in groups of tabs. But this was soon revoked in the Insider Program itself since it was just duplicating the Taskbar functionality. Although, fans of this feature can try installing third-party apps like Stardock, which has Groupy for doing the same thing.

Although the File Explorer is tabs isn’t available yet, you can still turn it on as Rivera did if running on a Windows 11 Evaluation copy. But, it’s not recommended to try out things that Microsoft doesn’t want you to try yet. So better wait until it’s rolled into the Dev channel at least.


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