FuboTV is one of the few services that offer live streaming of the FIFA World Cup matches this year, generating millions of views.

But this service was down during the critical match of the tournament – the semifinal between France and Morocco – that resulted in fans missing the entire game! FuboTV said it’s experiencing a cyber-related incident and has been working on it.

FuboTV Service Outage

With over 1.2 million subscribers, FuboTV is a fairly good platform to be targeted by hackers if there’s an open bug. May this have happened yesterday, as the platform showed a streaming error that blocked the football fans from streaming a critical FIFA match.

According to Jennifer Press, a FuboTV spokesperson, the platform is facing a “cyber-related incident,” – which is now triggering the service outage. While more details on this are yet to be known, the company’s status page indicates an outage even now – even though it started to “see some recovery to the ongoing issue” at 6PM ET.

“FuboTV has been experiencing issues with customer access, which are not related to any technical issues on the Fubo side but are a result of a cyber-related incident.”

Saying that they’re currently investigating the issue and working diligently to restore access, it apologized to fans for ditching them on France vs Morocco game – an important semifinal match of FIFA that happened during the outage.

Though it shared a link to stream France vs Morocco game on Fox’s website, it didn’t help much, as the streaming experience of it watching on your TV is different from that of Fox’s website. This many outraged fans – especially those who subscribed to FuboTV just for the FIFA coverage – and vented their frustrations on several social media platforms.


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