Standing on its promise, Google has finally bought the HDR photography support for its Google Camera Go now. The company has initially said this feature would be coming after launching the Night Mode support in October this year. The HDR support will let eligible users take photos with sharp details and rich colors.

Google Camera Go Gets HDR Mode

Google Camera Go App UpdateSince photography is an important aspect of any smartphone these days, Google pledged to bring better photography capabilities in the low-end Android devices somehow. And the company is making it through the availability of Google Camera Go, a stripped-down version of the actual Google Camera from its Pixel smartphones.

Low-end Android users applauded this as they can take better pictures with budget smartphones. Google has launched the Go version of its Google Camera in March this year, with no big features coming along. Though it’s bare-bones initially, it’s picking up important photography features gradually.

We’ve seen Google pushing support for the Night Mode to Google Camera Go in October this year, which helped many budget handset users to take better and visible photos in the dark. And now, we have HDR photography support.

We first heard of this feature in April this year, and it’s now available in the latest version of Google Camera Go. Users who are using the app on eligible devices (Go Android smartphones) should update the Google Camera Go app to see the new HDR mode in settings.

Activating this, Google said users could take photos with “crisper details and richer color at any time of day.” Though this app is available for every Android to download, only Go Android users can see the said features.

And as we’ve seen with Night Mode support, the HDR support too may initially be rolled out to handsets like Wiko Y61, Wiko 81, and Nokia 1.3.

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