Google is seen testing a new feature in the Chrome browser that will let users add additional information to existing saved passwords.

As seen in the Chrome Canary v101, a text box is added in the edit section of a saved password, letting users add any needed information. Though it may seem helpful, it could add more risk from info stealers, as hackers get additional data if senstive information is added.

Notes For Saved Passwords

To maintain its market position and be loved by the community, Google is constantly developing Chrome to be the best browser out there. In this pursuit, the OEM regularly adds new features, with some being helpful and others being outright useless.

The one coming now is mixed, and it depends on how users take it. As spotted by a Reddit user (u/Leopeva64-2), Google Chrome Canary v101 is having an experimental future – that adds a Notes box to the currently saved passwords in the Chrome browser.

It will soon be possible to add notes to saved passwords and also to passwords you add manually. from chrome

This is enabled, will set a text box right under every saved password so that users can write and save something relevant to the saved password. These could be a security question when saved, associated email address, etc.

The additional information can be helpful when you’re logging in to a certain site, which may ask you for more details that you can’t remember. But, make sure those aren’t senstive. As experts warned, this feature can put users in more risky situations than what’s happening now.

Information stealing trojans attacking browser data often steal the saved passwords dump, containing the additional information you stored. Having MFA codes or other sensitive information will only make the job easier for hackers who got their hands on it.

Well, it’s still far away from coming to the general users, as the Chrome stable build is now running at version 98. Also, it’s just available for a subset of Chrome Canary users as of now.


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