To suffice enterprise users with adequate time, Google announced that Chrome would extend its support to run on Windows 7 systems until January 15th, 2022.

This is an extension of six months from the previous announcement, which said to stop working on outdated Window 7 after July 15th, 2021. Microsoft has already ended support for Windows 7 features updates.

Chrome to Continue Running on Windows 7

The most beloved Microsoft OS by the community – Windows 7, was suspended earlier this year official. Yet, some users still use the outdated Windows 7, knowing the severe consequences.

Microsoft has clearly mentioned that it will stop supplying security updates for any vulnerabilities, yet, we see people dare using it.

Global migration to Windows 10

Some companies have decided to stop their services working on Windows 7, but people are somehow trying to run them. There are even people asking Microsoft to make Windows 7 open-source, but that’s way impossible.

While it’s clear that Microsoft stopped serving individuals, it has set out a plan for enterprise users to let them continue for two more years.

This is known as Extended Security Update (ESU), where interested companies can pay for Microsoft’s security updates.

This is to have themselves some time for upgrading their whole setup to the currently supported versions like Windows 10.

Google said it has heard over 21% of companies are still in the process of migrating to Windows 10. Thus it decided to extend the support for its Chrome browser to run on Windows 7 until January 15th, 2022.

The company has announced to support until July 15th, 2021, which has now pushed six months further. On the other, Microsoft’s Edge stands still with its final date for supporting its Edge browser until July 15th, 2021.


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