To let users test the new Chrome features, Google brings a new section in the browser called Chrome Labs. This is available in the Chrome Canary build as of now and will let users test the trail features that Chrome suggests. Two new features like the Search Tab and Saving pages to the Reading list are currently available in Chrome Labs.

Testing New Features with Chrome Labs

Google Chrome Experimental Browser FeaturesGoogle has already built a fine system to pass of new features from making to working in the end browsers. This system includes several pre-stable versions like Beta, Canary, and Preview phases.

In terms of the Chrome browser, Google already placed two Chrome browsers as Canary and Beta, for the public to try. And now, it’s bringing yet another feature to inform about new features to try out. Called Chrome Labs, Google will set experimenting features in it to let users try it out.

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These features are slightly polished to work stably in the Chrome browser than in Canary and Beta builds. Thus, users who’re using Chrome Canary’s latest version 89.0.4353.0, enable this new section by going to chrome://flags page. Here, type in Chrome Labs in the search bar to see the new feature and enable it.

After relaunching the browser, you’ll see a new Erlenmeyer flask icon beside the search bar, clicking, which shows all the new experimental features in a drop-down menu. As of now, there are two features available to try out. These are;

  • Search Tab: Where users can search a specific tab out of all the active tabs.
  • Reading List: Lets users add tabs to a dedicated list to read later.

You’ll be asked to relaunch the browser after activating these features to take effect.

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