To let users play with other items while catching up the video calls, Google announced a picture-in-picture mode for Meet on the Chrome browser.

This is rolling out to all Google Meet users across the globe and lets them check or work on their documents from other tabs, while also observing their colleagues talk in the video call. Further, Google added a multipin ability too the Meet, where people can pin select participants to the top in ongoing calls.

Google Meet PiP Mode

As rival video conferencing platforms are inducing new features every now and then, Google too is aggressively competing against them with the rapid development of its Meet platform. We’ve seen the getting noise suppression features and new backgrounds for more interactive calls.

And now, Google is adding one of the most requested features – picture-in-picture mode to Meet on the Chrome browser. When enabled, this will show up to four participants, segregated based on their recent activity, in a small window that’s hover-able all around your screen.

This lets you focus on other activities in the background like playing a game or checking up on the documents or emails. To enable this, right-click on the call and select it from the context menu.

Aside from this, Google is adding the multipin support for Google Meet calls too. This will let users pin up to three participants to the top of their video call feed, which may be more important than others. This is highly helpful for hearing disabled people, who should be checking the interpreter’s signs in another window aside from the speaker.

Both these features are coming to all Google Meet users on Workspace, G Suite, and personal accounts, starting today. But since it’s a gradual rollout, Google said all will be able to see these features added within two weeks, around the world.


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