Google Photos users of various devices are reporting a wired issue that’s causing artifacts over their old backed-up photos – like stains, dots, cracks, etc.

Downloading the image directly or using Google Takeout too, isn’t working, but launching the photo into Google Photos editor and clearing the app’s cache worked for some. Google is yet to come up with a statement on this.

Artifacts on Google Photos

For many Android people, Google Photos is the major source for storing their memories, which offers a good cloud solution and basic tools to edit your images and videos. And with Google developing the app with new features every now and then, including the offering of printing service, it should be protected by all means.

Yet, several users are reporting an unknown issue in their Google Photos that’s causing artifacts on the images. This is only specific to the backed-up images from five years ago and reported on all the devices the app is available on.

Artifacts like lines, dots, deep cracks, and something that looks like water stains are showing up on the backed-up images, which aren’t usually on the original ones. Some on Reddit said clearing the app’s cache worked, while some suggested that opening the images in Google Photos Editor cleared everything.

What are these weird artifacts on my photo I uploaded 8 years ago? from googlephotos

While this says the original images are safe, downloading them directly from the app or even using Google Takeout isn’t helpful. Google is yet to acknowledge this issue and come up with a statement, so expect a solution to be arriving late.

Meanwhile, check whether your old photos have been affected by this or not, and whether using the above solutions worked or not.


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