Google this week announced a bunch of new features coming to its Photos app – that makes snippets from long videos in your library and shows them as memories to reminisce.

Also, Google is adding a subtle zoom effect to the photos, making them look better. And last, there are Styles to add graphic art to Memories automatically, making them look like old scrapbooks. All these are coming to Google Photos on Android first and later to iOS and desktop apps.

Google Photos New Features

With the touch of nativity and a hell lot of features, Google Photos is one of the best gallery apps on Android. Though it’s more placed at the cloud media storing app, Photos is often used for basic editing too.

Enhancing this, Google is adding a Cinematic View of Memories – by adding a subtle zoom effect to them, making them look better. This is slightly different from the Cinematic Photos we have now, which turns the 2D photo into a 3D one for immersive viewing.

Further, Google is also making snippets from videos in Memories, which and be shown to you later for remembering. For this, Google AI needs longer videos that are stored in Google Photos. Aside from making snippets, the AI may add some music, too, to make it better.

This feature – Cinematic Memories, will roll out to users starting next month. Aside from this, Google is also rolling out a feature called Styles to Photos app, which it’ll automatically add graphic art to Memories – similar to the old scrapbooks.

Though it launched with several free designs initially, it may have some limited additions from artists like Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon. All these outputs can be shared with friends and family members to enjoy together. All these are coming to Google Photos on Android first and later to web and iOS apps.


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