Google announced a new feature in the Photos app called “Cinematic Photos,” which will tune all the photos into 3D pictures. It’s said to be using machine learning to learn the image’s depth and give it a slight panning effect to be more lively. Also, Google said Memories will now show photos of important people and activities from the past.

Give Your Photos a 3D Touch

Google PhotosGoogle is bettering its Photos app by adding more and more resources gradually. The latest addition is a feature called Cinematic Photos, where the Photos all uses machine learning to tune the image like a 3D photo! As per an image shared by Google, it makes the image slightly rounded and pans out.

This is done by machine learning, which studies the image’s depth initially and produces a 3D picture. While the photo shared by Google seems to have taken from a high-end phone and does have depth in it, the feature may also tune 3D images out from nothing. They may not look as good as the originals sometimes.

This is an interesting feat in the Photos app and is said to be making all the photos fed into it! That means all the photos you’ve taken from your camera will have a 3D counterpart produced automatically. The small animation and panning effect really do change the photo’s value when compared to the original.

These images will be showing in the highlights section available at the top of the photo grid. Also, to mention, sharing these 3D images goes in video format to others! And there is where the real concern triggers, as Google announced to stop uploading the high-quality images to Photos cloud for free starting next year.

Thus, these tiny videos (may sum to become large) will be stored in the limited 15GB storage given to everyone for free! This feature starts showing up from next month onwards, provided that you’re running on the latest version of the Photos app.

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