After receiving feedback from the users, Google is now shifting the placements of essential features in the Photos app. These include bringing back the Sharing tab to the home screen from the library and setting the Print Store on the home page. These dedicated placements for these two are made since users must access them, and this update will be rolling out to Android users starting today.

Google Photos Shuffles Back Functions

Google PhotosSaying that it will always consider what the community says, Google is rolling out a new update to the Photos app to bring the Sharing tab and Print Store back to where they belong. The Sharing tab is where you see all the albums shared by your friends with you and can access them anytime you want from Google’s Cloud.

And the Print Store is a magical thing to turn our virtual photos into a hardcopy version. Available in few countries, the Print Store is where you can order Google to get your photos printed into a physical form and take them from nearby stores like Walmart. This option was pushed into the library tab and is now reinstated on the home page again at the top left corner.

Also, the Sharing tab was brought back to the home page and set at the bottom navigation bar for easier access. These changes will be coming to Android starting today and soon for iOS clients. Here’s how Google defined the changes;

  • You’ll now see the Sharing tab as part of the bottom navigation bar, bringing your shared photos back to the home screen, allowing you to view and manage shared content easily.
  • Additionally, the print store* is getting a dedicated entry point in the top left of the app header, making it easier to find so you can get your photos off your phone and into your home.
  • The Print store will no longer appear in the Library tab, which will still be the home for your Albums, Archive & Trash.


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