After trailing with its Nest Hubs for over a year, Google is now bringing its Air Quality search cards directly into web results.

Users in USA, India, and Australia can now search for simple keywords like ‘air quality or ‘air pollution to see the information cards detailing on latest AQI reports from concerned authorities. They can also view the nearby AQI stations and get into more details by specific area searches.

AQI Cards in Google Search

Air Quality Index is something people around the world started worrying about lately, as it’s reaching alarming levels due to continuous pollution from factories and various other human acts. As now it’s important information accessed by several people, Google started displaying this in its Nest Hubs last year.

As it worked out fine, the company is now making it available directly in its search results to be able to be seen by more people. This feature is rolling out to people in USA, India, and Australia to show city-level air quality information with a simple search.

People interested in knowing their area AQI can search with keywords like “air quality” or “air pollution” in Google search, and see a card displaying breakdown information of your area’s AQI. This data comes from and PurpleAir in the US, and CPCB and National AQI for India.

To cater results more relevant, enter the area name alongside the above keywords. You can also specify the location by clicking on “Choose area” to display AQI data of nearby areas. Alongside, you can also see the nearby AQI stations on a map-level display.

Although, you can zoom or move the map to see those stations in more detail. Google warns that “sensor data may have unknown performance and inaccuracies“. This feature is now available on mobile and desktop browsers alike and in the Google Search app.


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