Google Search is a much-needed tool in our daily digital lives. While we use it for finding the right content quickly, the search algorithm may often show us results that aren’t appropriate.

In the case of free movie sites, it’s spotted that Google is showing popular pirate sites like the YTS, 123movies, and Fmovies in the related searches. The algorithm has become so sick that, it’s suggesting the same even if searched for legal movie streaming sites.

Google Showing Pirate Sites

One of the best offerings from Google – its Search algorithm – is trained so well to consider opinions from blogs and frequently searched requests. And this made the algorithm show irrelevant and inappropriate content too, sometimes.

In terms of the “free movie website” search in Google, one can find the search engine listing popular pirate sites like YTS, Fmovies, and 123movies in the related questions section on the first page. Related questions, Popular Topics, and Trending sections are often helpful for finding the relevant content easily.

But not if they’re showing the inappropriate ones. Searches like “best movie website”, “free movie websites,” “free movie apps“, “best free movie download websites“, “websites to watch,” etc are furnishing similar results!

Legal Movie Streaming Sites

More intriguing, a search as the “legal movie streaming sites” to shows pirate sites in the recommendations! Well, this cannot be the fault of Google always, as its algorithm picks up what’s being suggested or most searched by the people in past.

And if most review websites and blogs are listing pirate sites for the above questions, it’s no wonder Google suggesting them too!

People too, who’re looking for website suggestions for watching movies are settling with the pirate sites ultimately, forcing Google to believe that they’re appropriate suggestions.


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