Google in Android 11 found to be testing a feature, that would freeze the background apps to save battery consumption. Apps that were in background in recent tab use CPU cycles, thus consume battery even if not used by the users, thus, they could be frozen. While this kills some multitasking experience, it actually saves the battery.
It’s seen in Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 devices.

Google’s New Feature Will Save Battery

Smartphones under 4GB of RAM are not so useful for multitasking these days, considering the developers are demanding more resources to run their feature-stuffed apps. Though there are phones with upto 16GB of RAM, they’re not affordable by everyone.

Yet, few buy such handsets to experience the multitask large cached apps. While this kills the battery charge, Google tries to reduce this by introducing a new feature, Freezing Apps! While we have previously reported that Google sets an option to freeze apps running in the background, this wasn’t fully available back then.

But now, as spotted by a Reddit user using Pixel 3, Google’s new Android 11 has a feature to activate this Freezing of Background Apps, thereby reducing the battery consumption. As Google mentioned, cached apps running in the background don’t use the CPU cycles, thus saving battery power.

Also, these apps will be killed once they’re removed from the background, like clearing the recent tabs or rebooting. While this can considerably save battery consumption, it should also be noted that it strictly limits the multitasking of work.

And since the option is enabled by default in the updated phone, the user should decide which one option suits their needs. This feature is also available in the Pixel 4 handsets running on Android 11, as confirmed by Mishaal Rahman of XDA developers.


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