As Google automatically detects and discards some of the spam content that’s being shared in Drive often, is now thought of letting the owner of it before doing so.

In its latest update, Google will inform the concerned users through an email, if any of their shared content is restricted as per their terms. This is to give him a chance to appeal for reversing the decision if they think Google made a mistake.

Google Drive New Feature

Google to Inform Users In Case of Restricted Content in Drive

Google Drive is one of the important free services from Google, used by hundreds of millions of users actively today. Apart from storing personal stuff, Drive is used for work collaboration too. While this makes it more useful for profesionals users, it often creates a risk of spam.

Anyone with your email ID can share a file, that’s inappropriate or malicious. Thus, Google earlier gave the account owners an option to report serial spammers, so they can block all the content coming from them.

Also, Google automatically detects some of the spam content being shared and restricts them if they’re against its terms.

While this is good, there are chances that Google too might make mistakes sometimes. So, it now decided to inform the concerned user about any restricted content and let him decide on further stance. This was detailed in the latest Google Workspace update.

As per it, any restricted file flagged by Google as spam will be informed to the user through an email notification. Also, the restricted file will bear a tag as suspicious and have links to Google’s terms of service and its abuse program for making users know better about its actions.

And if they still feel that Google made a mistake, they can appeal to whitelist the file. Meanwhile, the file won’t be deleted but will be barred from sharing with others.

Also, the links within will be nullified, so the only option you can make out your work from it is through copy-pasting to another file. This feature will roll out to all Google Drive users in the next two weeks.


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