Huawei recently launched its new phone, Mate 30, without any Google apps. Trends show that this would seriously hurt the sales of the phone. With a ban that is set to last for at least one more year, things are not looking great for the Chinese smartphone giants.

However, the company CEO, Ren Zhengfei, doesn’t see the situation like everyone. In a recent interview, Zhengfei said that the ban will impact the USA more than his company. He also discussed HarmonyOS, which is Huawei’s own OS. Zhengfei said that the OS is currently working for IoT devices, but in a couple of years, it would be competing with other operating systems like iOS and Android.

Zhengfei claims Google and Huawei are friends!
Image Source – Daily Express

A few months back, Trump administration ordered American companies to stop working Huawei. Google officially released a statement that it would oblige with the rule. However, they are pushing to help Huawei ever since. Zhengfei confirmed this and said both the companies have friendly cooperation.

He said the company is not planning to launch any smartphone with HarmonyOS. The OS is only working on the smart TV named Honor Vision. But if the ban seems permanent, the company would be forced to launched smartphones with HarmonyOS.

Problems in HarmonyOS:

Recently, a version of HarmonyOS was distributed to a few Chinese developers for testing. The OS was heavily criticized, with many claiming it to be a publicity stunt. The major problem lies in the Ark compiler, which is designed to port the Android app to Huawei’s OS. The verdict is the compiler sucks big times.

On the other hand, Ren Zhengfei’s claims something completely different. According to him, the OS is working fine till now. Well, it is hard to say anything for sure, we all have to wait until Huawei launches its own OS.


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