The ongoing disagreement between the US and China has produced some barriers for Chinese companies to operate in America, especially Huawei. The US Government has given strict orders to the American companies, and they are adhering to it.

Although Huawei was given a 90-day reprieve from this ban, things aren’t going well for Huawei. Google recently told Reuters that the latest Huawei “Mate 30”, “cannot be sold with licensed Googled apps and services.” Reports state that the reprieve is only given to existing products and deals. This means that any new product or deal that Huawei makes won’t receive any assistance from American companies.

Google is looking for an exemption from the ban!

Huawei’s Mate 30 Officially Kick Out from Using Google Services
Huawei’s Mate 30 Officially Kick Out from Using Google Services

According to rumours that Google is seeking an exemption from this ban. But there isn’t any word from Google regarding the subject. Recently it was revealed that more than 130 application had been submitted to the US Commerce Department for exemption. But, none of them has been approved yet.

Huawei is still the world second-largest smartphone maker behind Samsung. However, if they lose Google, it will lose a lot of its market in the future. A spokesperson from Huawei recently commented that “Huawei will continue to use Android OS if the US Govt allows them, if not they will develop their own OS.”

Huawei is developing its own OS for a long time, and they recently released their new OS, “Harmony OS.” But it won’t be anywhere near the comfort zone of Google. Plus, Huawei’s phone won’t have access to Google apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, Photos, etc.

Huawei latest phone, Mate 30 is rumoured to launch in late September. Everyone has to wait and see what apps and features the phone has. There is a good chance US-China trade war might resolute or come to a temporary solution.


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