Ever encountered instances of accidental Data losses? We think we don’t need certain data anymore and end up deleting them or formatting the drive. However, later we regret deleting them with no backup. Also, sometimes we lose them because of our mere carelessness. In any case, it must be extremely painful to lose your essential data without proper consent or intention.

And that is where the data recovery tools come into action. One such recovery tool is the iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software. It comes with tons of features and a great interface for easy user navigation. In this article, we will have a deep conversation about every feature of this Software and where it can actually play a big role.

What is iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software?

iBeeSoft Data Recovery
iBeeSoft Data Recovery

If you are fond of using recovery tools, you must already know what they basically are. The iBeeSoft Data Recovery software is a similar recovery tool that will help you get back the data that you accidentally deleted. Since it comes with a minimalistic interface, it is further easier to use it.

iBeeSoft can recover any file, such as audio, video, archives, PDF, etc. When you look at its launch screen, you can see a big START button. Besides, there are several file types, which basically work as a filter over your scan.

This software can be of great help in the following instances:

  • Deleted data intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Formatted hard disk due to certain reason
  • Accidental loss of disk partition
  • Corrupt or damaged hard drive
  • Unexpected interruptions while data transfer

Support Storage Devices

  • PC & Server
  • Memory Card
  • Digital Camera
  • External Hard Drive
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Other Drives

Support File Types

  • Pictures
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Documents (PPT, docx, doc, pdf, xls, cvf, etc )
  • Archives (.Zip, .rar. tar etc)
  • Other files

How To Use the iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software

The software features a very gentle and easy-to-use interface, making it easier for you to recognize each element.

Firstly, as you launch the software, you can either scan for a particular type of file format. For that, you can use the filters, so the software only searches for similar types of files.

However, if you want to retrieve multiple files at once, click on the START button. This will start scanning all the deleted files on your system.

The next step includes a list of all partitions consisting of both the deleted and remaining files. But the good thing again is that all these drives are marked with different colors and accurate names, which makes them easily identifiable.

Plus, if you connect an external hard disk to your system, it will also be shown with the exact name and a plug icon. And in case you connect any new device, refresh the page, and it will list the current external device as well.

After completing the scan, you can see a list of files along with their preview so that you can easily identify them. Select your required files and click on recover and let the magic happen.

Hence, the iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software is incredibly easy to use and recover lost files.

Most Highlighted Features

By now, you must have got a precise idea about its superb efficiency and easy-to-use nature. So, coming down to some of its most highlighted features, the iBeeSoft Recovery software includes a Quick Scan and a Deep Scan.

1.) Quick Scan

Like any other recovery software, iBeeSoft Data Recovery comes with a quick scan feature. It detects all the files that can be recovered and provides you with a fast result.

All you need to do is select the targeted drive from the list and click on the scan button. This will run an immediate scan and bring all the deleted files back for recovery.

However, one thing to note is that a quick scan will only help you find the recently deleted data and not all. That is why you might want to check out what Deep scan has to offer you.

2.) Deep Recovery

A quick scan definitely gives you a quick result, but the results are minimal. On the other hand, a deep scan plays a significant role in finding out the files deleted long back in time.

It’s common to delete files, and after a substantial period, the same data becomes so important to us but no longer exists on our system.

At these times, the iBeeSoft Deep scan will definitely be a light beam under the dark sky. Once you have completed the quick scan, you will then receive a link to start the deep scanning.

Remember, this will take a much longer time than the quick scan, so you need to be patient. It will scan every sector one by one and provide you with detailed information about each file.

You can view the file names, file types, and all the included data. Besides, the results are seriously shocking. You can use its search feature to look for any files, and it will do the rest for you.

The best thing about iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software is here you can recover data not just from the past few days, not even a few months, but it keeps track of data year after year. Hence, you can expect some really old stuff to be somewhere there in this stunning software.

Pricing & Compatibility

iBeeSoft recovery software can save you from embarrassing situations where you accidentally lose your important data. However, you don’t have to pay a fortune to use this service. The price of iBeeSoft data recovery price depends on the nature of your use. You can check the pricing plans below.

You will be happy to know that iBeeSoft data recovery support major OS platforms, including Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Server & Mac OS (all variants)

Buy iBeeSoft for Windows.

Buy iBeeSoft for Mac.

Plan details Price
Family License
One License for 2-5 PCs/Servers
Personal License
One License for 1 PC/Server
Company License
One License for Unlimited PCs/Servers

What Makes iBeeSoft Different From Others?

As mentioned earlier, it features one of the most straightforward and easy-to-navigate user interfaces. But that is not the only positive factor. Another magical capability of the iBeeSoft Data Recovery Software that most others lack is recovering such files.

Most of the data retrieving tools are only able to identify the files. However, this software comes with a bonus, making it a better and advanced option to the users.

On top of that, you can also use this software to recover any deleted files from your iPhone or Android smartphone! How cool is that? Trust me when I say this – You never have to worry about accidental data loss after using iBeeSoft data recovery!

From Editor’s Desk

After using a few data retrieving software now, I feel iBeeSoft to be the best suit for me. That’s mostly because of its user-friendly nature. Even a person without much knowledge in the technical field can easily navigate through this software. Another noticeable thing is its well-organized search list results.

This lets you search for any drive with excessive ease. Besides, the file recovering power is just like a cherry on the top and is undoubtedly one of the most important factors behind iBeeSoft’s grand success.

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