While the entire nation is angering on China for several reasons, the Indian government has just onboarded onto a popular Chinese platform, TikTok! The Indian government led by BJP has just made an official account on TikTok, after the country’s youth fought over YouTube vs TikTok and also having the recent border tensions. The account has already posted 20 videos and garnered over 863,000 followers.

Official Account on TikTok
Official Account on TikTok

Next Level of Hypocrisy?

There couldn’t be a better example than this for hypocrisy. The Indian government, which started a campaign called Aatma Nirbhar Abhiyan last month, has urged its citizens to become more self-reliant by using the local products and exporting much rather than importing. This is more like the second phase of the Modi government’s Make in India plan and received positively by the citizens.

But, the government doing opposite of it was just unimaginable! Just today, the Indian government has made an official account on TikTok, a Chinese short-video sharing platform. And with 863.6K followers and 6.2 million likes on just 20 videos, its entrance was well received by the community. Yet, the act is still the opposite of what it’s preaching.

The country’s youth has just got over with a virtual fight of YouTube vs TikTok last month and is having border tensions with China since last week. Further, the netizens are strongly accusing China of COVID-19 breakout and are encouraging each other to boycott their products. But the government, on the other hand, has turned plate to get on a platform that’s purely a Chinese.

Well, this can’t be taken wrong yet. Since the TikTok has hundreds of millions of Indians on it, it’s still truly a medium for reaching out masses, just like Facebook and Twitter. Thus, we shall wait to see how the citizens would further react to this new onboarding. Check the account: @mygovindia


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