After Facebook and WhatsApp, Meta’s other big wing, Instagram, achieved 2 billion active userbases. Some anonymous employees of Instagram tipped this off to CNBC.

One of them revealed that the platform had crossed this mark before Facebook’s renaming to Meta but chose not to boast publicly since it’s facing the wrath of authorities lately. Instagram may not disclose this shortly too.

Instagram’s Huge Userbase

Instagram UserbaseWhat started as a simple photo-sharing platform has become a household app. Instagram is one of the prime entertainers today, general housing users and creative content creators. As businesses and celebrities flock around the app, the platform has hit an enormous milestone.

This is to attain a 2-billion active userbase mark! A few anonymous employees of Instagram revealed it to CNBC. One of them said that the company had surpassed this record a week before the formation of Meta – its parent company now.

Instagram gained its first billion active users in 2018 and hasn’t communicated any news regarding its userbase progress since then. And even though it gained yet another billion people now, it may not reveal the numbers too! And it’s reasonable.

Instagram has been under the strict scrutiny of several authorities lately, with one Facebook insider leaking the internal shaming practices of the company. Soon, Instagram admitted that its platform had a negative impact on some teens, attracting more unnecessary attention.

Thus, it may now choose not to disclose the official numbers of its growth and stay under the radar. Recently, Instagram has been competing heavily with TikTok by copying one of its core features of making short videos. As Reels is drawing more people towards the platform now, Instagram decided to cash on them.


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