As surfaced by a reverse engineer, Instagram is preparing to launch an affiliate program for the content creators on its platform to help them earn more. Other leaks reveal the platform’s new control tools for blocking messages with specific keywords and a new editing tool for brightness. All these may or may not show up in the future.

Instagram new features leaks

After a year of introducing Reels in India and recently in the US, Instagram is making new tools for both content creators and general users. As shared by a reverse engineer named Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter, Instagram may set in an affiliate program for its influencers.

This is found in the Creators section, and influencers (content creators) should be eligible for this program to start with. For this, they have to follow the Partner Monetization Policies, and once eligible, they can monetize their content by affiliate marketing.

This is by sharing products with their followers and pushing them for sales. And if they’re able to make their followers purchase the products through their affiliate links, they’ll be earning commissions. In this way, they can access new opportunities to connect with brands and earn more from the platform.

While this is directed towards the influencers, Instagram may introduce Content Controls for all users, who can restrict the incoming messages with specific keywords. This works by adding specific keywords (abusive or spam) to a list and letting Instagram filter when someone sends messages containing those keywords in your DMs.

Messages with such keywords will be blocked from reaching you. Also, there’s a new to found in the editing section of the platform, named Brightness.AI. While it’s unclear what this feature would do, it’s safe to assume that tapping on it will automatically set brightness to the post. Since these are leaks, they may or may not show up in future releases.


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