Instagram is increasing its security tools to keep user accounts safe and also let anyone recover their hacked accounts easily.

In this pursuit, the platform introduced a new hub where hacked users can recover their accounts by going through a set of checks, which may include asking friends to verify their identity. Also, Instagram is working to remove malicious accounts and warn users of interacting with such accounts.

Instagram New Security Tools

Ever found yourself in a situation of your account being hacked? The most you’d do is call up your friends and inform them of this or cry. Well, this won’t be the case in Instagram anymore, as the platform has introduced a new hub to solve this issue.

Observing this as a recurring incident, Instagram added a new hub to let users recover their hacked accounts. Affected users will be going through a set of instructions where Instagram verifies their identity to recover their account. This can even work with information associated with multiple accounts.

Well, there’s yet another of recovering your hacked account – by asking your friends for help. Going through the hub, you’ll be asked to nudge some friends – who should verify your identity, so Instagram can relate the concerned account to you.

While it’s not the most convenient option, it does keep your account safe and works as an alternate option to recover. While these are the things you should do from your end, Instagram is trying to fend off malicious activities from its end.

In this pursuit, the platform will be removing accounts it finds malicious and raising warning flags when such accounts try to interact with others. This would fend off most of the malicious activities, as cutting them early is a good practice.


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