After trailing with the Indian users, Facebook is now rolling out Reels in the Facebook platform. The Insta reels is a native feature of Instagram but can now be viewed and made from Facebook.

This would give creators more reach and help them in their monetization plans. In addition, reels will be displayed in News Feed and Groups and can be shared among friends. Facebook is now considering rolling out this support to more countries soon.

Instagram Reels on Facebook

It’s well-known that tech giants like Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube are impressed by TikTok’s idea of making short videos, which triggered them to create their audiences’ versions.

But, even after making similar mockups, they’re not living up to the expectations of TikTok. Facebook’s Reels on Instagram is one among them, which is less popular than TikTok in the US. Thus, to boost its growth, Facebook integrates the Instagram Reels into its big platform – Facebook itself.

This was first tested in India and now comes to the US, as seen by Android Central. Housing in a dedicated section in the News Feed and public Groups, Facebook users will not be able to view Instagram Reels but also create and share them.

This move should help creators on either platform get more reach and increase their revenue generated from ads. Instagram has already announced to invest over $1 billion in the program to lure more creators in and help them expand on the network.

Earlier, the platform has integrated Shops into Reels to let creators sell their products in creative means. And now, the expansion of this plan comes onto Facebook, on both Android and iOS in the US. After this, Instagram will soon expand this support to other nations too.


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