To let creators be creative for an extended time, Instagram is increasing the Reels making time limit to 90 seconds. This is a 30-second bump from the existing 60 seconds.

Aside from this, Instagram is also enhancing the sound effects library, allowing creators to import audio from any video in their device’s camera roll, added interactive stickers and polls for surveying the audience. At last, there’s a Templates feature to let creators sync clips with music and video.

Increasing the Scope of Reels on Instagram

Trying to beat TikTok in its own game, Instagram has been adding new video-making features every now and then. In this pursuit, the platform has just increased the Reels making time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. This increased timing may let creators be more detailed in their work.

Instagram has been testing this with a few users early this year, with now being official finally. TikTok, on the other hand, has recently increased the short video time limit upto 10 minutes! While it gives more room to be creative, creators are being pulled by both platforms with other exciting features.

Instagram is now allowing creators to import audio from any local video – which means users can draw the audio of any video in their camera roll, that’s has a duration of at least 5 seconds. And this audio can be used by others on Instagram for free, once you upload it.

Further, there’s an enhanced sound effects library, interactive stickers from Stories coming to Reels, and Polls for letting creators survey their audience about something. There’s even the emoji slider sticker coming to Reels to let creators know audience feedback in the form of emojis reactions.

Finally, there are Templates to let creators easily sync clips with music and video. Once the creator is ready with his video and audio, the template feature will pre-load the content with placeholders, which the creators can fill in to create their next final output.


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