Competing toughly against TikTok in the short-video space, Instagram rolled out a bunch of new features to let its users be more creative and thoughtful.

The platform now allows users to shoot reel videos using both (front and rear) cameras simultaneously, remix public photos, use vertical/horizontal screens, green screens, etc. Also, it automatically turns the short video under 15 minutes into Reels and shares them with the public.

Instagram Reels New Features

Ever since its launch, TikTok has been the market leader with its wide range of tools for making short videos. But, Instagram is picking up greatly by offering similar tools and rewards to those making interactive Reels. And this week, the platform announced a bunch of new tools to improve our making.

The first one includes the ability to remix public photos. Yes, you can now remix any public photo visible on the platform, just like the videos. Also, you can add a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, or even a picture-in-picture reaction view to your video and add your own commentary.

Further, you can add your own remix to an original Reel, so it plays right after it in a sequence instead of playing it aside. Besides these, there are new templates to let you preload audio and clip placeholders, so you can make simple Reels by adding just your native content.

And the biggest update, Instagram, now allows you to record a video using both front and rear cameras simultaneously. This has been available on TikTok for quite some time and now coming to Reels. Also, the platform is gearing up to automatically tune all your videos (under 15 minutes) into Reels!

This makes them more engaging since Reels caters to more views than regular videos. And Instagram said it’ll push them into the public feed too. Although, users whose account is in private mode will not have this publicity.


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