As revealed in November last year, Instagram is now testing a new monetization plan through subscriptions for its content creators.

This is initially available for US creators and lets users subscribe for special content access from their favorite creators. Instagram head this subscription feature will be expanded over time, to more creators across the world.

Instagram New Monetization Plan

Just a week after Instagram trailing with vertically swipe-able stories, the Meta-owned platform is now testing yet another new feature. And this could bring more joy to users and more revenue to content creators.

On Wednesday, Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri revealed a new monetization plan for the content creators – through a subscription stream. As per this, creators can sell subscriptions to their followers and earn more and a steady stream of revenue apart from brand promotions.

Followers subscribing to creators will get dedicated access to specific live streams, stories and also be assigned a badge, to be helpful for the creator to notice them specifically, in comments or DMs. Adam Mosseri explained this in the above video on how this would work.

This is primarily being tested with a small group of content creators in the US, and becoming to others in all regions. Will Instagram be taking any part of the subscriptions sold is unknown. The platform is already earning by inducing ads in between stories and Reels, which are having a good engagement from the users.

Talking about this new plan, Mosseri said that creators should “own their relationship with their subscribers,” in order to “bring them off of Instagram to other apps and websites built by other companies.” Here, he’s referring to the creators who should be more engaging and draw their subscribers to the third-party business outside Instagram.


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