With every new update, Apple is making privacy controls more user friendly. As per 9to5Mac, the upcoming iOS 14 is having a Precise Location setting that would mask the user’s exact location, without affecting the service it provides. This could be a huge leap in privacy, as ditching apps that don’t necessarily need these precise location means being more secure.

iOS 14 Has an Important Privacy Location Feature

Apple’s got many privacy-related features that we all take for granted. With every new update, Apple’s improving the user’s control over their data that’s being collected by developers. And in the upcoming iOS 14, Apple embedded a new feature called “Precise Location“, which would be protecting the users from revealing their exact location to unnecessary apps.

The current iOS versions are already having options to set like Never, For Once, Always Ask for location access. And now, it’s getting more helpful for masking your exact location by this new feature – Precise Location. This toggle option can be found in all apps, where users can set manually for each app.

Under this, the iOS 14 cleverly hides your exact location by creating a diameter length circle and giving the location of some area in those circles, which may range between few meters to some miles. Apps like weather updates or content streaming don’t need precise location, thus giving them a nearby location could work, without affecting the service.

But for other apps like Maps, which need an exact location for directions, you grant access to the precise location. It all depends upon the developer to let you know how much they need to function as intended. Thus, giving you more controlling options on your privacy. This Precise Location toggle will be available in iOS 14, which will be released sometime later this year.


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