The chaos happening at the Foxconn China plant since last week will affect the iPhone 14 Pro production drastically, says a renowned leaker.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst leaker, has predicted that Apple will miss the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max shipments by 15-20 million units this quarter due to the Foxconn crisis in China. Though the manufacturer is revising its plans to keep up with production, it may not cover the holiday demand.

Crisis Causing Sales Loss

While all the electronic OEMs are gearing up for the holiday season, Apple is set to miss the feast due to its partner’s inconsistencies. Foxconn, the biggest contract manufacturer of Apple, has been strangled with workers’ protests since early this month.

And it’s because of the COVID situation in China, where the country has imposed strict restrictions to tackle the rise of cases. This led to state-wide lockdowns that interrupted the factory workings, where Foxconn took the big hit.

Well, the company managed to stay afloat by offering bonuses to workers to have them stay in the factory dorms and work on time. But this triggered a severe backlash as most workers complained of unhygienic conditions at their workplace, leading to mass protests all over.

Reports stated that over 20,000 employees were let go by Foxconn to reduce the protests, while others were promised of higher pay to continue the production. All its struggles will affect Apple deeply in the coming months, especially during the holiday season.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the demand for iPhone 14 Pro series is disappearing – primarily due to a lack of stock! As the Foxconn plant is tasked with producing iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max units, missing those shipments due to workers’ problems will affect Apple’s sales.

Potential customers who thought of buying these units for the holiday season may turn to iPhone 14 Plus or even try Android (Pixel 7 Pro or the Galaxy S22 Ultra).


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